Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Alison Smith and Rebecca Watson: Partying with Skepchicks Rule 5

I guess you have not lived till you have partied with the Skepchicks!

Guys, Alison Smith is the girl you want to meet at a Skeptics/Atheist conference (because it seems like the only other single girl that goes to these things is Rebecca Watson) and rather than post about guys hitting on her in elevators Ms. Smith posts this: 

It is statements like that that give hope to those of little faith!*

But unfortunately, is the one fun loving girl at these events no longer fun loving? Asking the important questions: Will Misogyny Bring Down the Atheist Movement?

*Does it appear that atheists have the sexual awkwardness and fecundity of pandas?

But who would attend boring atheist conferences like TAM 5.5 if there wasn't a shot at some partying with Skepchicks like Alison Smith and Rebecca Watson?

Top that drink off!  And who is that dude photo bombing in the background?

No Love for the Godless, but rounds, lots of rounds!

And drunk party selfies!

Rebecca Waston doesn't need an Atheist man when she has a Vibraphone!

TAM 8.0: Banachek checking out Alison Smith's gams

TAM is a target rich environment for the ladies, how target rich you ask?
I say [women} under-represented because there was a 20 guy long line to the men’s bathroom and no wait to the women’s bathroom. If that doesn’t speak to gender ratio, what does?
Of course the "targets" that a TAM conference is rich with are atheist/skeptic guys would would bother waste a weekend attending a conference on atheism and skeptical stuff.  

And then there is Tablegate at DragonCon controversy involving Rebecca Watson. Not that many people would care, but it is interesting how Rebecca Wilson ends up in disputes like this.  

Monday, September 15, 2014

Rotherdam Child Sex Abuse Scandal Update

Other forms of prejudice seem okay in England today.  And if you protest how things are going, they may target you.  

Can the media cover up/downplaying that allowed Rotherham to go on so long happen in the USA? Perhaps. There is a group that gets selective coverage by the media when it comes to the sexual abuse of under aged kids: TOM: HIV infected music teacher arrested for sex with 15 year old boy.  

So which way will Scotland go?

With a quote from Gareth in Four Weddings and a Funeral

And never let a Rule 5 opportunity pass by (especially with Wombat's "Man Who Saved Britain" reference), so why not some Women of Scotland?

Kelly MacDonald is Scottish!

Rose Leslie is Scottish!

 Karen Gillan is Scottish!

This guy probably escaped from this site

Kelly MacDonald again

How about those Scottish Theme Restaurants for vote watching!


The Obama Mutiny?

Mary Landrieu caught stealing from taxpayers…

At what point does this stop being a case of, “oops… sloppy book keeping” and begin being labeled as Hey, baby, that’s just how we roll! This doesn’t look like a few mistakes. It looks like a pattern of behavior over many years which should be investigated as a criminal matter. The Senate is constitutionally bound to be the judge of the qualifications of its own members and, when needed, to punish its members for disorderly behavior. (Article I Section 5) Is there anyone in the Senate willing to stand up and call this what it is?
Wombat : Landrieu releases more data on questionable flights
Instapundit: Culture of Corruption

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Edgar Winter is Back?

Turks joining ISIS

The Future under ISIS or Feminism?

A future under ISIS or radical feminism…they are both pretty bad.

Feminists ignore ISIS, but they do have an enemies list
But that is how Amanda rolls…

TOM: Sudden Onset Lesbian Syndrome (I am sure there is an equivalent for joining radical Islam)
Protein Wisdom

Republican Elise Stefanik being attacked by Democrats in New York