Sunday, November 23, 2014

Indian Pudding for Thanksgiving

Friday, November 21, 2014

Barack Obama Throws Black Americans Under the Bus

Democrats throw blacks under the bus...

AmPowBlog: Blacks 10x more likely to be arrested (now that all those law enforcement resources are not needed for illegals, they can focus them on arresting more black men)
Black activists condemn Obama's amnesty
Instapundit: Coincidence?  There are no coincidences...

Barack Obama: Lies, Lies, Lies!

There were a lot of lies said tonight…

Instapuntit: A link to IowaHawk and a commentary of where we are at (and it is not good).

Twitchy has more…
Instapundit: These immigrants are willing to do things Americans no longer want to do: vote Democrat
RRG: Barry and Jesus make a Quarum
AmPowBlog: A Dangerous Move by the President

Instapundit: Remember when it was George W. Bush who was trying to grab too much power? Oh well, it is different when it is Obama!
Instapundit: Coincidence?  There are no coincidences...

What is it with the epidemic of lesbian school teachers molesting kids?

Instapundit: Say no to Democrat Obama Bundlers who molest kids too!
TOM: Reconciled to Servitude

Some of the women who worked with Mike Nichols Rule 5

With the passing of Mike Nichols, it seems appropriate to do a Rule 5 on some of the actresses he worked with: