Thursday, August 21, 2014

#Ferguson and its Lottery

I still do not know what specifically happened between Darren Wilson and Michael Brown, other than Michael Brown ended up dead as a result of it. It is reported, but not confirmed, that Darren Wilson was physically attacked by Brown and suffered a fractured eye socket. While people certainly have opinions, whether that shooting was justified or not is still unknown to most people. 

But the way this story is playing out, with Governor Jay Nixon calling for Wilson's vigorous prosecution, is troublesome. Is Nixon nuts? Shouldn't we have a full investigation first before any talk of prosecution happens? 

Smitty's post about it almost being like a script is playing out, reminded me of this classic short story from The New Yorker:

Especially bringing in the outside ringers for protesting!

Banana Republic
It is reported Wilson did not suffer an eye socket fracture
Is this it?


Wombat : Obama WH leaks failed raid in an attempt to shore up image and Obama will never beat ISIS, he won't even try.
Obama called ISIS the junior varsity, Hagel disagrees

Depression: Personal advice from Robert Stacy McCain to Amy Austin

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So is Jim Hoft's source confirmed? Was Officer Wilson severely beaten by Michael Brown?

This story first broken by Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit is being confirmed by major news outlets. While this story is still dependent on the sources telling the truth (obviously this news is only as good as the source and it is impossible to confirm without the Ferguson Police Department or Darren Wilson releasing the medical records), it appears to be a major scoop by Gateway Pundit.

No word if Democrat Governor Jay Nixon is backing down on his pledge to prosecute Officer Wilson.  It usually helps to do an investigation impartially and objectively before you charge a person with murder but that does not seem to be much of a concern to Democrats like Jay Nixon.

I do not know if this shooting was justified or not. Obviously if the events Jim Hoft is reporting turn out to be true, that would be significant for finding the shooting justified. But I recognize there has to be a full investigation. It also needs to be objective.

And yet we still have celebrity assholes like Spike Lee hoping things really blow up in Ferguson. Really Spike, easy for you to say since you don't live in Ferguson.

And as Instapundit notes, the narrative is breaking down in Ferguson.

As Smitty notes: Noting Instapundit, given all the guns in Missouri, the casualty count is pretty light in Ferguson
Smitty notes it is almost like they have the script for this already drafted, great comment by Larry at Instapundit.
Wombat: First night of calm in Ferguson since Michael Brown's death
It is reported Wilson did not suffer an eye socket fracture

American Jihadist Ali Muhammad Brown focused on murdering gay men: From Washington State to New Jersey

Apparently deference to Islam trumps violence directed toward gay men when it comes to media hysteria:
Authorities in Washington state say Ali Muhammad Brown allegedly shot and killed two young gay men on June 1 after arranging to meet one of the victims through a social networking app called Grindr.
Wow. So why is Ali Muhammed Brown's jihad against gays not national news? I remember this case getting a fair bit of attention, and in the end it turned out the motive was more about a drug deal gone bad than any homophobia.

Brown is also a sex offender who failed to register.

ISIS beheads American journalist
ISIS and radical Islam's psychotic brutality
Denying evil...

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That is not to say Jennifer Beals was not talented:
who taught Jennifer Beal how to bust the take-off-the-bra-right-out-from-under-her-sweatshirt-right-in-front-of-the-dude move?
My teenaged self wants to thank them profusely.
So does my middle aged self…

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Sophia Loren: Tu Vuò Fà L'Americano

Chip Ahoy has this sampled version of the song (which is funny), but I like Renato Carosone's version (at the bottom of this post) from the fifties or this English version with Sophia Loren immediately below from It Started in Naples (1960):

She was a child of Rome and Naples who grew up in poverty to become loved across the world:

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The subway grate skirt bit never gets old.
Jessica Alba looks great.

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