Saturday, July 4, 2015

Freedom is Never Free...

George Washington never gave up when things got tough, neither should you.

Instapundit: Klavan: Cowboy Up Conservatives and Driscoll: Go Enjoy Some Fireworks With the Kids and conservative candidates need to understand the media (some do, some don't)
Lem/Trooper York: Let them eat cake...oh wait
AoSHQ/Weirddave: Birthright

AmPowBlog: Vigilance is Patriotic (Michelle Malkin) and Let's Get This Party Started
Wombat: Louder with Crowder 

Mark Steyn: Live Free Or Die? New Hampshire's Spirit of Independence

Instapundit: Independence Day Links, Roger Simon's the Last Fourth, get in the spirit with song and dance, go home Barack, you're drunk, the State of Oregon takes on the roll of the British this 4th of July, how to talk to the non leftist the other 364 days of the yearDemocracy-Whiskey-Sexy, practice free speech, and what the Declaration really claimed
Lem's Place: Condoleeza Rice and Jenny Oaks Baker play Amazing Grace to benefit Wounded Warriors and God Bless America

Remember Liberty and Independence!

Darlene Click: Happy 4th

AoSHQ: The Declaration read aloud
Camp of the Saints: Declaration Day

Friday, July 3, 2015

Safety Advice This Weekend

More Vintage Hollywood 4th of July

A modest proposal to change the holiday from July 4th to June 26th...

Celebrate Freedom!

Glenn Reynolds: Celebrate the 4th by reciting Obama talking points with your familyFamous Hillary Clinton donor calls African American judge a "clown in blackface," will she condemn it?, and Confederate Flag Flop

Ed Driscoll: Did President Obama reopen middle east slave markets by executive order? (what was that line in the Marine Corps anthem about the "shores of Tripoli")

Rush Limbaugh: George Takei gets a pass on racism

Hot Air: Vox: Maybe it would have been better if the British won the Revolutionary War
AoSHQ: Peak Vox

Instapundit: One votes for the party that freed his ancestors, the other for the party that interred him in a camp.   Twitchy!
Protein Wisdom: Shorter Takei and Not that long a Trek from Lib Activist to Racist
Legal Insurrection Takei and authentic blackness

Vintage Hollywood 4th of July

Ava Gardner, who probably would have (probably) approved of Mark Steyn's and my Sinatra selections this week..

Myrna Dell

Anne Rutherford

Rita Hayworth

Rule 5 and FMJRA

EBL: It seems like Dominion Day was just the other day...
Mark Steyn: Happy Dominion Day and How About You?

Instapundit: America is not getting more liberal, but more libertarian, Happy Independence Day, Cowboy Up Conservatives, be careful with fireworks, and go watch some fireworks with your kids

Thursday, July 2, 2015

George Takei can't be racist...

Protein Wisdom: Shorter Takei and Not that long a Trek from Lib Activist to Racist
Legal Insurrection Takei and authentic blackness

Will the Seahawks sign Russell Wilson?

Will They Trade Him? 

The Seahawks need and want Russell Wilson, but they have to balance the danger of ending up with an Andrew Luck situation (all QB and no money left for a team).  Russell Wilson should recognize the real money is through success and endorsements and the only way he performs at a QB is to have a decent team to support and protect him.  

While some people perform better when drunk, it might not be a good idea to rely on that with Hillary Clinton...

Strangely the tape of Nixon ordering the chairman of the joint chiefs to “get off your ass” and get the planes airborne is not played or written about as the Watergate tapes are. “Use every [plane] we have—everything that will fly,” Nixon can be heard barking in exasperation.
Nixon’s airlift turned the tide for Israel. Under “Operation Nickel Grass” 567 missions were flown, delivering more than 22,000 tons of supplies, and an additional 90,000 tons were delivered to Israel by sea—all told $121 million in weapons and bullets.
Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir would admit that upon hearing of the airlift during a cabinet meeting, she began to cry. Chaim Herzog, Israel’s sixth president, said, “He supplied arms and unflinching support when our very existence would have been in danger without them.” Yitzhak Rabin, then serving as Israel’s ambassador in Washington, said in an Israeli radio interview that no president in American history had been more committed to Israel’s security than Richard Nixon.
Nixon had little tolerance for alcohol and there is little question that he sometimes drank to excess. When it comes to Israel, however, Nixon drunk is better than Obama sober.
Given her performance with Ambassador Stevens, Israel better not be hoping for Hillary to support them in a crisis...apparently not!

Rush Limbaugh: Released emails show the 'smartest woman in the world' is actually an idiot
More Email Mess For Hillary and Ted Cruz melts Katie Couric's Mind when he reveals it was Hillary who started Obama birther rumors (give Hillary credit, she can be shrewd and she hired the slimiest political consultants)

Mother Jones: An inside look how Hillary plays the media...

AoSHQ: Hillary edited, redacted, her emails (it helps politically to do that if you can get away with it)