Saturday, October 25, 2014

Carolina Panther Cheerleaders Rule 5

Bill Maher remains mendoucheous

As soon as there is any crime involving firearms, you can be sure the spin cycle will be set to agitate and the facts don't really matter any more when you can create a good headline. Which brings us to Ferguson and how that investigation is going.

Officer Darren Wilson is a murderer?  Really, nice adoption of prosecution, jury, and judge roll there Bill.  How about waiting for the evidence?  Especially when the evidence is increasingly supporting Officer Wilson's version of events.  

As far as Ferguson goes, we are getting snippets of evidence and both sides are trying to present their case, how about everyone wait for all the evidence to come in and then try to be objective.  And while I do believe the police handled the Michael Brown shooting poorly from the start, why isn't the media getting called out for prompting the riots in the first place?

Pant Suit Rule 5

It is getting a bit chillier out there…

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Friday, October 24, 2014

Valerie Jarrett is deep into the Obama Administration Fast & Furious coverup

The faster these corrupt individuals are gone from government, the better.  

EBL: Rotten to the core
Instapundit: The only joke is these liars are still in office (it is a very bad joke)
Who says Obamacare is not an issue in the midterms

Democrat Run New York City: Ebola, Ax Wielding Muslim Maniac in the Subway, and Brooklyn hipster muggings!

New York City is getting a seventies feel again!

Instapundit: World in Denial, City on the Edge, Could it get any worse?  It already did!, NYC gets its first Ebola case!
What could go wrong?
AmPowBlog: NYC doctor gets Ebola, hasn't been all that isolated since getting back from West Africa:
At least Bentley the Ebola dog might live, but he is not in NYC.  DeBlasio is busy killing the horses.

Richly Endowed Women Rule 5