Wednesday, October 29, 2014

World Series Game 7 with bonus video music accompaniment!

Coming down to a Game Seven?  This might actually raise the ratings on this game.

But if you are going to mock San Francisco on its rock bands, how about this one: 

And if Kansas City manages to pull it off, this seems appropriate:

Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders?

Separated at Birth: Typhoid Mary and …?

Cook "Typhoid Mary"Mallon…
Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox

Okay, Kaci Hickox probably doesn't have ebola.  But is it possible she is infected? Dr. Craig Spencer did not think he was infected either.

Typhoid Mary definitely was an asymptomatic carrier for typhoid and spread it over the years.

Having visited Newark, I could certainly appreciate why Ms. Hickox wanted to leave New Jersey, but refusing to home self quarantine in Maine is reckless on her part given the risks (and recent cases of medical providers testing positive weeks after exposure).  This seems just a tad irresponsible on her part.

The grim future if ebola goes global.

h/t: Wombat

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