Friday, July 22, 2016

München Madness Update: Lone Gunman? Son of Iranian immigrants...

Who is responsible for this shooting in Munich? Is it Islamists or not?  As AoSHQ notes, there are mixed reportsOne of the shooters committed suicide. It appears to be a coordinated terror attack with three shooters. It is not far from where that Muslim Afghan "migrant" assaulted train passengers with an ax.

Daily Caller: Video of Munich Attack

EBL: Ax Control Needed In Germany

Instapundit: Roger Simon: Munich all over again, Lack of faith in Merkel spreads, 18 year old Iranian (motive unclear), Looking for shootersShooting spree near mall in Munich

NRO, Legal Insurrection and Daily Caller: So much for that 'lone wolf' theory on Nice attack

Daily Mail: Obama grins and tells jokes during press conference about Munich attack and Police continue manhunt

WFB: Brian Williams rooting that ISIS is not involved (how about letting the facts dictate what the story is Brian).


Mirror: Lone Gunman?

TOM: Munich Terror Attack Son of Iranian Immigrants? Damn Aryans!  

American Power Blog: Yelling Allah Akbar while killing children...

Ivanka and Donald Trump Finale to the GOP Convention

Ivanka was exceptionally well spoken. Ivanka is a real talent. For those who saw it, her introduction had to help her father a lot.


Don Surber: Ivanka's speech more important than her father's (I concur with that assessment)

Victory Girls: Ivanka wins the night (in a $138 dress from her own label, that's a nice touch) More here from Trooper York at Lem's Place.

As for Donald Trump's speech, I thought it was solid. It spoke mostly to his base, and I am pretty sure to that extent it was effective. Trump tried to reach out to black and gay voters.  I doubt one speech will do that, but it's a start.

I doubt this speech will change the minds of many #NeverTrumpers or dedicated Hillary supporters, but to undecided it might resonate. I also suspect his attacks on Hillary are leaving a mark.

I praised CNN for being fair earlier this week. I noticed the tone got way more critical of Donald Trump post his speech tonight.  Was that justified or just over reaction to the fear Trump gained some traction tonight?  Van Jones was especially critical. It was a marked change. From what I saw, it was intentional.  

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Lem's Levity: Peter Thiel Speech and Are You Watching

Instapundit: I am your voice, Michelle Moore gets the vapors, Men want to marry Melanias and raise Ivankas, GOP block partyTalking over Peter Thiel

Wombat: Weasel Zippers: Protester lights himself on fire and American Thinker: Trump's response to black on cop murder

Legal Insurrection: Quick reaction to Trump acceptance speech

American Power Blog: GOP Map To Victory

Ed Morrissey: Was it a train wreck?

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Morgan James: Dream On

@Nero Fiddles While Twitter Burns?

The Rebel: Lies about Milo's Twitter Ban
TOM: Tumblr is basically worthless

Pardes Seleh gets Columbia students to donate for her sex reassignment surgery...

Raising money for gender reassignment, not so bad (although she is still far from what it would actually cost) but fully coming out is still hard...

AoSHQ: Just be careful how you refer to him/her or you might get banned on Twitter

Rule 5 and FMJRA

TOM: The Great Tip Jar Rattle (and he's not even going for gender reassignment...even if he does look like Riff Raff)