Tuesday, March 28, 2017

RyanCare failed mostly due to Paul Ryan

RyanCare would never have rolled out in that form had Paul Ryan reached out to the Freedom Caucus, GOP moderates and others in advance of unveiling.  Instead he sprung a plan that had little chance of success and tried to quickly ram it through.

Sure some of this falls on President Trump and his team. But Paul Ryan was the policy wonk who crafted this proposal. More importantly, Paul Ryan was responsible for at least getting the bill out of the House, where Republicans have a significant majority. Ryan failed.

Embarrassing? Oh yeah. Disaster? Not if Ryan and Trump go back and craft a proper bill and learn from this mistake.

American Thinker: What now for ObamaCare? While Brian Joondeph make a good point about Democrat discipline in passing ObamaCare, it still turned out to be a legislative nightmare for them.  If we are going to fundamentally turn back the clock (which many of us agree needs to be done) we need to turn back the clock.  I recognize there will be give and take and the end result will be far from perfect (the Reagan loaf thing), but Ryan's plan was unfortunately almost as bad if not worse than Obamacare.

The Hill: Wounded Ryan Faces A New Battle

Heat Street: Paul Ryan is the new face of our broken political system

Legal Insurrection: The real goal of Obamacare? and You go to war with the President you have

Rush Limbaugh: If Democrats work with Trump, it will be to advance their political agenda, not his (true but what if Trump is trying to leverage the GOP with this and do you really expect him to get support from Schumer) and Obamacare repeal and Tax Cuts (so what if it's hard)

EBL: Mark Steyn Explains Why GOP-RyanCare was badGOP Disaster? Nonsense, and No Votes

Is CNN's Brian Stelter covering for an illegal alien child rapist? And if so, why?

The Rockville Rape is an absolutely horrifying story. So is Fox News biased for reporting on this because it is just a 'local' story? Or could it be CNN and the other networks are biased in purposely embargoing the story because they fear it could lend support to calls for curtailing illegal immigration?  Hmmm, what could it be?

Ok, I should not say Brian Stelter is "ok" with child rape. I assume even an asshole like Stelter does not approve of child rape. He just does not consider it sufficiently newsworthy for CNN to focus on and would prefer things like that are not reported on a national basis. Because Brian Stelter and CNN have a bigger agenda to push.  

Now CNN did report the story initially. But why give more attention to this story when the accused child rapist came into the United States under President Obama's watch?

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Palestinian Terrorist and Feminist Ramsea Odeh Gets Stripped of US Citizenship and Deported

Good Riddens! Buh Bye Ramsea Odeh, we have enough Asshats already, we don't need any more...

Don Surber: Illegal alien proves Trump right

Instapundit: PJ MediaWait, What? And sadly this is all too believable

Wombat: The Geller Report: Swedish Minister Says Returning ISIS Fighters Should Be Integrated Back Into Sweden (I am not sure the Swedes are getting this right) and Twitchy: AG Sessions’ Announcement About Sanctuary Cities Outrages Left

Johnny Rotten defends Donald Trump...

Actually this is a sort of fun way to start a Monday...

As to the media falsely labeling Trump a racist because they fear his populist charm, John Lydon is absolutely correct. I do see similarities of what Rotten and the Pistols did in the Seventies and what Trump is doing now. Of course there is also something disquieting about seventies bad boy Johnny Rotten being on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mike Cernovich on Sixty Minutes and the very real ISIS attack on Garland, Texas

I thought Mike Cernovich challenged Scott Pelley effectively (at least on the main tv show). Did that challenge by Cernovich keep Pelley and Sixty Minutes more honest?  It is impossible to say definitively, but I think so--or at least got his take in.  It was still a biased piece in Sixty Minutes obviously favors what it perceives as "real news" but Cernovich handled himself well. Consider the source, but definitely worth watching.

This is the after show "overtime" segment

I was far more troubled, however, by the immediately preceding segment by Anderson Cooper about the FBI being undercover at the Pam Geller Garland, Texas event and not doing anything when ISIS attacked. No fake news there, that absolutely happened (although was downplayed by the mainstream media at the time). There are a lot of questions that Director James Comey should be answering, but unfortunately Comey and the FBI conveniently dodge questions all the time.

Pam Geller: A Third of France's Young Muslims Hold "Fundamentalist" Religious Views? What could go wrong?

Instapundit: Sixty Minutes Cover UpSixty Minutes White Washes FBI Failure In 2015 ISIS Garland, Texas attack

Danger and Play: Sixty Minutes has not released full Cernovich interview (I wonder why)

Don Surber: The Nation's No. 1 Problem

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Demoltion: A Review and Naomi Watts

I caught Demolition on HBO yesterday and it is actually a pretty good movie. Its plot was not that believable, but the acting was good. Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts do a very good job in their respective rolls. Chris Cooper, as usual, is solid (he plays Gyllenhaal's father in law). Judah Lewis is also excellent (to the point of stealing scenes) as Watts' troubled teen son.  

The writing and plot are a bit contrived and also predictable, especially concerning Lewis' character. Still, overall, I like how the characters interplayed with each other. To that extent the movie worked. 

Mixed reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and given the flaws with the script, that is justified. Still worth catching on cable or as a rental. R rated mostly for language.  

Naomi Watts is almost fifty, but she still looks great: 

Naomi, here's a pro-tip: Don't channel the Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign Look!

The Brittney Spears look?  

Early morning sans make up...but still good for a fifty year old

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Lefty Black Bloc Types Get An Unexpected Response From Trump Supporters in California

Lefty protesters tend to be like the cowardly gang leader 'Luther' from The Warriors...

Daily Mail has a lot more photos

Soopermexican has a different take. I agree with him on this point, I am not a fan of anti-Semitic alt right, but I actually see way more anti-Semites on the left (and not just the alt left).

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Mark Steyn explains to Stuart Varney why RyanCare was a bad deal for Republicans

As much as I like Stuart Varney, Mark Steyn (as stated above) is right. If the GOP is not prepared to do it right, better not to do anything at all (at least for now). I know the GOP will be coming back to this issue again because the disaster that is Obamacare is not going away. 

Who are you going to trust, Mark Steyn or that other Canadian, David Frum? The real Waterloo would have been if the RyanCare plan passed in the form it was in. Could you imagine the savaging Trump would have taken if RyanCare passed and premiums then went up as expected? It would have been Obamacare with less coverage and higher costs.  

Reason puts the blame on President Trump for this bill going down. Some of this criticism is warranted (although the bulk of the blame still falls to Ryan and the GOPe for coming up with the flawed plan they did). Still, Trump did something very smart in all of this--walking away. And if Trump ends up adopting a more Rand Paul approach to addressing Obamacare, why is that a bad thing? Isn't it better to get this right, than get this fast? 

Powerline: Here is John Hinderaker take and Paul Mirengoff's plan for reversing last week's Obamacare defeat (Mirengoff's plan is a good one):
First, later in the year, House Republicans should put together a comprehensive health insurance reform bill. It should include elimination of the individual mandate (so-called Phase I), elimination of offending regulations (Phase II), and additional reforms aimed at freeing up the market and driving down costs (e.g. permitting insurance sales across state lines and tort reform — Phase III)...[Read The Whole Thing]

DaTechGuy: Puts a pox on the GOPe and the Freedom Caucus (ok, clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...but that is assuming the GOP and Trump do not come back to this and fix it)

This Politico story seems more intent on stirring the pot and setting up internal feuds for Trump than reporting the facts (hint: while it has facts in it, it is still Fake News)

Rand Paul files an alternative reform plan and takes victory lap (get it through first)

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