Monday, October 24, 2016

The Fix Was In: Democrat Terry MCAuliffe's Buy Off Of The FBI Investigating Hillary Clinton's Emails

Hot Air: The Fix Was In

The Wall Street Journal reports: Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe had his Superpac donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to the campaign of a wife of one of the lead FBI agents (the deputy director) investigating Hillary Clinton. No conflict of interest there, is there?  How dare you accuse McAuliffe or the Clintons or the FBI of any impropriety.  

Government is completely compromised. The FBI is flat out corrupt. It is only going to get worse after this election. Buckle your seat belts folks, we are heading for some turbulence.  

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Clinton Defeats Trump

Here's hoping...

I am not counting on a surprise like this. I do not see the path through the battleground states. Still, I have been so wrong so many times over the last 18 months, anything is possible.  

I really would love to see Hillary Clinton lose. 

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