Friday, May 26, 2017

The Clinton Who Would Be King

Somewhere there is an alternative universe where this did happen...
I am glad I don't live there.

Instapundit: Hillary used Chardonnay to ease her pain and she might consider more coffee..., makes a few jabs, but feeling feisty!

For a palate cleanser for King Clinton (above), here are a few more shots of Shakira Baksh Caine.

Twitchy: Hillary will survive (sort of like toe nail fungus, she is hard to get rid of)\

Hot Air: Thank God For The Great Right Wing Conspiracy

Proof Positive: Friday Night Babe

Rule 5 and FMJRA

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Media ignores Obama Spying Story

It is sad when real news comes from Mad Magazine and fake news from all the Media Networks. Jake Tapper would rather cry like a little girl over Ben Jacobs in Montana rather than investigate a  real constitutional crisis such as President Obama illegally spying on his own people.  

Seriously Jake Tapper, try to focus on a significantly more important and real issue. Jake, can you muster the courage to report on a truly vicious attack on the Constitution?

Don Surber: Voxplaining Obama Spying and Why Democrats Import Violence

Rush Limbaugh: Physically weak men more likely to be socialists

Lem's Place: Montanans react

28 Coptic Christians murdered on their way to a monastery

The Sun: The 26 Dead Includes Children (the death toll is going up)

Just a few days after the atrocity of Manchester, this attack happens in Upper Egypt, taking even more lives.  While it may not be the same terrorist group responsible for Manchester, it is almost certainly related to Islamist extremism (today's the first day of Ramadan).

If a "religion" celebrates a religious holiday by murdering innocent people (and children), there is something wrong with that religion. Muslims need to universally condemn and drive out these murderers in their midst.

Al Jazeera: 28 Coptic Christians Murdered in Minya, Egypt

Daily Caller: Egyptian Coptic Christians Gunned Down

CNN: Gunmen fire on a bus filled with Coptic Christians in Minya, Egypt
Instapundit: Depressing to Know, On the eve of Ramadan: Terrorist engage in some ethnic cleansing in EgyptMuslim Brotherhood terror cell threatens U.S. Embassy in Cairo, This date in history: The Fall of Constantinople

Blazing Cat Fur: Middle Eastern Muslims stupefied by West's response to terrorism (to be fair to them, I am stupefied by it too), Who To Blame?

Legal Insurrection: Terrorists slaughter 26 Coptic Christians in Egypt

Powerline: After Manchester, Concerns about Minneapolis

AoSHQ: The courts do not care about you

Hot Air: 28 Christians massacred

Memorial Day

This weekend is more than just the traditional start of the summer season. Yes, you can celebrate and thank all who served, but Memorial Day is primarily for remembering those who did not make it home. Thank you and RIP. 

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Did Democrat Members of Congress let Pakistanis IT workers have access to top secret information and steal millions of dollars?

Frontpage: Connect The Dots  

While the Democrats flail about the Russians, they managed to give access to top secret Congressional data bases to Pakistani national IT workers.  Those individuals, feeling the heat after it looks like they stole millions of dollars, may have fled to Pakistan.

Daily Caller: Nancy Pelosi goes mum over Democrat Congressional Pakistani IT workers (who likely  have fled to Pakistan) and Criminal Theft of Millions and Cyber Security Breach by Democrats

ZeroHedge: Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatens a police chief investigating this data breach by Imran Awan?  Obstruction of Justice?

Instapundit: The Deep State is out to get Trump, Dirty Debbie Wasserman Schultz: "Do you know who I am?," Are Democrat Caucus IT workers blackmailing members with their own data?

Daily Caller:
Among the House Democrats employing the Awans was Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former Democratic National Committee Chairman whose tenure there was marked by a disastrous email hack that she blamed on the Russians.
Powerline: Off to Pakistan

Circa: Did Dirty Curtain Comey's FBI illegally share spy date on Americans with private parties?

Wombat: BattleSwarm: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz As Good At Cybersecurity As Running The DNC and Joe For America: Key Figure In House Democrat Security Breach Flees Country

The Right Scoop: Political Thug Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatens a police chief

Dirty Debbie is worried about records or equipment that might tie Democrats to Imran Awan

Breaking: Montana Body Slam Video Found! Update: Gianforte wins Special Election

Oh that the Slamma in Montana?

At lease be damn skeptical of news reports. Turns out the witness to the alleged "neck grab" is backing off that and changing her story

RCP: 4 Take-Aways

Lem's Place: Montanans react

Breitbart: Trump celebrates win

Daily Caller: Montana voter reaction

Politico: The 'Hell No' Democrat Six

Legal Insurrection: CNN tries to blame Trump!

AoSHQ: Don't get too excited and Gianforte Wins

TOM: College Teacher Eric Clanton charged with Assault

Fake News Whores and Manchester Blood Libel

Really MSNBC? There is way more evidence to argue Joe Scarborough is responsible for the death of that young female intern in his office than there is to tie Trump to Manchester. The perpetrators of Manchester were a family Libyan Muslim refugees who have pledged allegiance to ISIS/al Qaeda.  Under Scarborough's tortured logic, there is a stronger case that Obama and Hillary are responsible for Manchester than saying Trump is.  

But you know who is really responsible for the Manchester bombing?  The ISIS-Al Qaeda murderous evil losers who did it.  You know how you combat this? You can start with stop importing more evil murderous losers into Western countries.  

Wombat: Michelle Malkin: The Forgotten Slaughters Of The Innocents

EBL: Media ignore Obama Spying Story and Democrat Deviants